Manufacturing Services Network

The INWAC Manufacturing Services Network is a regional network of aerospace-certified manufacturers working together to simplify procurement and streamline orders. We recognize that qualifying new suppliers is often a challenge, so we have identified program integrators within our membership who have the resources necessary to manage multiple parts and assemblies through to completion.

What is a Program Integrator?
Program integrators are vertically-integrated aerospace manufacturers with strong program management support on-staff. Integrators receive first look on multi-part assemblies. Program integrators are supported by a growing pool of component manufacturers and service providers.

What is a Manufacturer/Service Provider?
Manufacturer/Service Provider members are aerospace-certified manufacturers that specialize in their core competency and support integrators on programs that come through the network.

Do non-aerospace companies participate in INWAC?
Yes, as part of our mission to grow the aerospace industry within our community, we welcome companies that don’t necessarily have aerospace products or certifications to join our network, as long as they can demonstrate an offering that complements the industry in some way.

If you think your company would be a good fit for the Manufacturing Services Network, please complete a membership application and we will schedule an interview to follow up.