MISSION:  To develop and promote collaborative relationships between aerospace manufacturers and service providers in the Inland Northwest; facilitating regional business growth by increasing our collective value as an integrated supply chain and expanding the awareness of aerospace manufacturing and services provided within our region.


VISION: Through our shared INWAC identity, we will grow our aerospace cluster by collaboratively aligning membership capabilities to deliver outstanding customer value while promoting our regional community.



Value Proposition for INWAC Members:

  • Aerospace networking opportunities
  • Participation in events, conferences, and trade shows
  • Participation in joint sales/marketing efforts
  • Increased value to customer base through INWAC’s broad range of capabilities and resources
  • Introductions to training and consulting services to become aerospace-ready

Value Proposition for INWAC Affiliates:

  • Aerospace networking opportunities and participation in member meetings
  • Connection to regional aerospace firms and to the aerospace industry
  • Better understanding of trends, opportunities, challenges, and standards of aerospace industry
  • Promotion via INWAC website, events, and brochures as an INWAC supporter
  • Participation in growth of aerospace industry in region

Value Proposition for Customers of INWAC Members:

  • Access to network of aerospace-certified suppliers
  • Single point of entry to broad scope of suppliers
  • Program management
  • Supplier consolidation